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Dynamic Life Ministries 更新した 6.3.1

The Dynamic Life app gives you access to weekly radio broadcasts, Sunday services, prayer and healing school, event information, ways to plugged in, a

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Học Phí DTSoft 更新した 1.2.1

Financial management of the cashless collection and payment system for the connection of parents with the school includes the following functions: Stu

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Learn Chinese vocabulary 更新した 1.4

PH Education has created an amazing application for learning Chinese vocabulary. The offline vocabulary will enhance your enthusiasm and interest in l

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RefixGURU 更新した 3.17

Refix GURU App is a bundle of Laptop & MacBook Repairing Videos and many more. All videos have been designed practically with Experts.

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St. Elias High School Chuim 更新した 2.2

St.Elias High School is pleased to announce an upgraded version of its app Parents, students, staff, alumni and other stakeholders can download this a

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Adora - Parental Control 更新した 0.5.3

【Featured by The Times, Gizmodo, and so on…】 Adora solves your concerns about the smartphone use of your child. *This app is for PARENT's smartphone (

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UChicago Safe 更新した 1.8

UChicago Safe is the official safety app of University of Chicago. It is the only app that integrates with University of Chicago's safety and security

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Lullaai - Baby Sleep Training 更新した 3.1.9

Lullaai simplifies the way you understand and manage baby sleep so your whole family can have healthy sleep habits. “Within five days Rio was sleeping

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Maemmae Phone - My child discipline application"My child who is grown up and doesn't listen to me, isn't there a clear solution?" Now, start to discip

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A life saver app for sleepless parents! You will get your baby to sleep much faster with this white noise lullaby app for babies. WHY USE BABY WHITE N

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Osmanlıca İmla Kılavuzu 更新した 2.0.1

ABOUT The g Osmânlıca İmlâ Kılavuzu oloj, which was brought to life by the Hayrât Foundation in August 2016, has now met with you as a mobile applicat

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Welcome to Baby Cry Insights – your dedicated AI-powered baby cry tracker and translator. Decode your baby's secret language by translating their cry

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An integrated platform for managing e-learning process with the latest technology in protection, photography, editing, designing handouts and books, s

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Download The Short Years app and create your first baby book chapter in just five minutes! Once a week, The Short Years App will remind you to upload

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EdParent 1.2.3

EdParent is a mobile application allowing parents to follow up in real time on the progress of their children at school. EdParent assures: Interaction

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English Spelling and Grammar will help you learn to spell well in an entertaining way by playing multiple-choice tests and quizzes. It covers complete

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With the DiE KiTA APP we want to enable simple, secure and uncomplicated communication between parents and daycare centers. In addition to communicati

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Being The Parent thrives to create a strong eco system for parents and can empower them to take informed decisions. We surround mothers with support a

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It's a perfect application for education try our service with our best instructors. This app is a service for everyone in Egypt center who want to lea

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Expressing the Qur’an in its thirty parts, studying its words morphologically, and analyzing the statement in its eloquence, for the fit between inter

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