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The YourAirTest app is designed for a healthy future for people to help reduce the impact of poor air quality on human health. With the help of machine learning YourAirTest
provides the most accurate data on 6 Key Pollutants: particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, O3 (ozone), NO2 (nitrogen dioxide), SO₂ (sulfur dioxide), and CO (carbon
With YourAirTest you can:
• Find out what pollutants you breathe by tracking the local air quality index and separately for each pollutant (available in 100 countries).
• Use our health-based air quality recommendations and check the air quality map in real-time to protect your family.
• Use smart search to plan your activities and traveling
• Easy-share the information with friends and family via messengers or email
Our algorithms calculate air quality in many countries every hour. We understand how air quality moves and disperses. Therefore, we provide high-precision data in real time
in places where we have sensors and modeling data where the sensors are nearby.
Our main features:
• Two types of air quality index which are EAQI and U.S.AQI
• Real-time air quality data – see what outdoor air quality looks like.
• Air Quality Information for "Sensitive Group" – relevant information and forecasts for sensitive groups, including those with respiratory (pulmonary) illnesses, such as
• The ability to choose one of four characters – a man, a woman, an astronaut, and an alien.
• Weather Information – check the temperature, humidity, wind direction, and forecast weather information.
• Useful health recommendations – find out how should you act.
• Track the air quality of your favorite locations 24/7.
• Languages available: Ukrainian, English, Japanese, German, French
• The light and dark design theme
• Widgets in different sizes for the most demanding
• Push notifications
• Ad-Free: enjoy the full app.


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