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LIPO manager allows you to register all the batteries you have and keep an absolute control * over them in a very simple way.
- Maintain and consult your battery inventory.
- Know the charge cycles of each LiPo.
- View at a glance the history of LiPos use throughout your life.
- Record each use easily and conveniently.
- * Generate statistics of all kinds.
- * Receive reminders when you have not used a battery for too long without being in storage voltage (3.85v).
----- Recommendation for use -----
You can assign a physical identifier to each battery in the app, such as an NFC sticker or a QR code *, so that every time you bring the device close to it, it automatically
records a use for the assigned battery.
--- NOTE ---
The asterisks (*) represent functionality that is not yet incorporated, but is planned for future releases.
This APP can be especially useful to all people who have a large amount of LiPos at home, since the task of keeping an individual control over them will be easier.


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