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Experience the future of convenience with Dr.Wait, your personal virtual waiting room. No more wasting time during your next doctor's appointment - simply wait from the
comfort of your home. Dr.Wait is the medical practice app that brings the waiting room of the future to your fingertips. You'll always know your exact waiting time and your
place in the queue, and that's just the beginning of what this app can do.
Want to clarify something? You can chat directly with the medical practice without making a single phone call. Need to quickly pick up a prescription? Dr.Wait makes it a
For general practices, Dr.Wait is a dream come true. Your patients will arrive on time, and thanks to the automatic reminder feature, they'll never forget their insurance
card or referrals again. With the waiting room manager, you'll have complete control over the queue, and you can manage multiple rooms in a shared practice
Here are the top features for medical practices at a glance:
✅ All patient data is encrypted.
✅ Manage up to 10 queues simultaneously.
✅ Appointment management with online booking via the practice app for patients.
✅ Automated processes through workflows and events.
✅ Chat with your patients in the waiting room.
✅ Improve your patient's waiting experience through branding.
✅ Reduce the risk of infection from overcrowded waiting rooms.
✅ Your patients book their doctor appointments online directly through the practice app.
Dr.Wait costs €19.90/month, but it's free for patients.
Register now on drwait.de and create your online waiting room easily and for free. Your patients will love it.
For patients, the practice app including the digital waiting room is brilliant. Before you even leave your house, you'll know exactly when it's your turn. From then on, it's
just a waiting game! You can use the time to go shopping or enjoy a quick coffee around the corner. Time management has never been easier. Dr.Wait requires no registration.
Each time you connect with your general practice, your name is transmitted and stored in the waiting room manager for a maximum of 24 hours. Also, chat messages are deleted
after a maximum of 24 hours. Data economy is a must in the practice app.
Here are the features for patients at a glance:
✅ Always know your personal waiting time.
✅ See how many patients are still ahead of you in line.
✅ Arrive punctually for your appointment without endless waiting.
✅ Chat with the practice to clarify things in advance.
✅ Never forget your insurance card and referral again.
✅ Book your appointments in 60 seconds directly in the practice app.
✅ Your data is encrypted.
Dr.Wait, also referred to as Dr wait or drwait, is an app for your medical practice. This doctor's app, complete with a waiting room, forms, and online appointments, aims to
eliminate waiting times. Practices in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can now create a free practice app profile on drwait.de and individually manage their general
practice with a waiting room. For further questions and support, Dr.Wait can be reached at [email protected]. The waiting room app is now available for download on Android
and iOS.


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