Real Farming Simulator: Farm Truck Driving School 1.2 [free]


Become a real farmer in farming simulator 2018! Experience the real farm life, start cultivating land and harvest different types of crops like wheat and rice on your
country farm simulator. Start working at your own village farm to forage plow the land and harvest grains. Drive upgraded farming vehicle like tractor, euro truck and
harvester to complete different processes of growing crops. There are two types of crops you’ve to grow in your farmland; wheat and rice. Become a farm expert 2017 by
performing agricultural activities and growing different crops in this ultimate farming simulator.
It’s harvesting season! Be a farming pro and feel like a virtual farmer in this ultimate farming tycoon. Drive farm tractor and attach modern cultivator to forage plow the
land. Tractor simulator 2017 gives you a feeling of real farm drive. Plant rice and wheat seeds in land using the planter on green farm. Spray pesticide using agricultural
machine to save crops from pests. Once the crops are grown on your seaside farm it’s time to harvest the weed using the gigantic harvester. Drive euro farm truck towards
the farm land to collect the harvested crops, take them to storage and end your farm day. Drive transport farming truck out of farm town to sell wheat and rice in the
market. Learn to grow crops and manage your farm in this amazing american farming simulator of 2018. Better than most of the farm truck games like farming simulator 2016.
Drive modern tractor around farm town just like in farm tractor simulator. Ultimate blend of euro farm and transporter truck simulator games.Gameplay:
Indulge yourself in fun and exciting farm story! As a farmer you’ve to gather all crops and seeds. Complete challenging farming mission to be farm expert. Plowing land,
planting weed, watering the crops, harvesting fruit orchards and collection of crops. Each level will be more difficult along with new american farming experience. Play
and enjoy real farming harvester in this unique game to produce a happy farm.Real Farming Simulator 2018 Game Features:
Drive realistic tractors and trucks to complete american farming levels
Plant and harvest two different crops: wheat and rice
Amazing graphics show even more detail on your machinery
Realistic open world southern US environment
Immersive sounds & smooth controls for tractor and harvesterDownload Real Farming Simulator 2017- Farm Truck Driving School and start your agriculture business and be a farm hero.


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  • ソフトウェアの名称: Real Farming Simulator: Farm Truck Driving School
  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: ロール・プレイング
  • APK名:
  • 最新バージョン: 1.2
  • サポートROM: 4.1 以上
  • ファイルサイズ : 48.64 MB
  • 更新した: 2023-04-15