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Business Profile Manager (GBPGM) is your ticket to local SEO success! Whether you're a business owner or a digital marketing agency, this powerful tool is designed to help
you create, manage, and grow your Google Business Profile with ease.
Web version is https://localseotoolsandtips.com/
‍♂️Create your Map Listing quickly.
It's not just a Scheduler but a complete Business Profile Growth Manager.
Benefits of GBP Growth Manager
Growth Monitoring of your Business Profile also known as Maps Listing with detailed reports.
With Premium Plan you can automate activities such as post and media scheduling, citation manager, review auto-reply, AI content generation etc. This will maintain a
regular sequence of activities on GBP which will help you rank better in Local Search Results.
Being an Agency you will save more than 80% of time wasted on repetitive tasks and save man-hours cost. Citation Manager & Scheduling is a time-consuming task. You can
provide access rights and logins to your staff allowing them relevant Locations to manage.
Using this tool you can create a New Business Profile Location and even group multiple locations of the same business for posting or scheduling posts or media at one GO
without repeating the same task for every location of the same business.
Use Business Profile Growth Manager if your brand has offline stores and showrooms. You will top the Local search results. Sales will shoot up 10X.
Advanced Category Finder helps you find category of your competitor on different keywords.
GBPGM provides health score,tips to improve it and easy tools where you can add multiple locations as a business or agency from a single interface.
Manage Business Profile with your mobile. You can manage all activities using your mobile device or tablet. Whether you are traveling or in a meeting, the Business Profile
Growth Manager keeps you updated. Having a computer or laptop is not necessary to use this tool. Still it has a web version.
Find your Google Rank i.e. Page and position on a keyword compared to your competitors on a single click and compare the progress too.
Grid structure to know your comparitive positioning on different keyword is very useful for growth analysis.
Increases productivity of your team and makes them create more content.
The functionality of the Business profile growth manager
Posting & Scheduling of Media
Scheduling of Posts
AI Content Generation
Geo Tagging
Services & Products Management
Category Finder
Health Score (Know the Total health Score of your Business)
Review Management (Auto Using AI and Manual reply to reviews)
Review Short Link(Share link on Whatsapp to get more reviews)
Basic Insights & Advanced reports(How your business is performing)
Earning via Affiliate(Enable Affiliate link and promote the app to earn unlimited commission)
Mobile and Web Access
Google Rank finder
Google Grid Location finder
Questions and Answer Management(Create Questions and answers for visitors)
Custom Services Management(Add more services than suggested by Google)
Health Improvement Tips(Learn how you can improve health Score and rank on Google )
Custom Review Link(Review link with your brand name with QR Code)
Add more Location(You can buy more location(s) which will be charged on your remaining duration of Plan)
Get additional user(when you buy more location(s) get 1 user for each)
Citation Manager(manage your citations)
NOTE: This App is not by Google & not related to Google in anyways except for the API used in the app are by Google & approved by Google


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