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The "Comic Fan" app is a free comic and novel reading application that can read comics offline and online with a beautiful, simple and easy-to-use interface, providing a
variety of comics and novels including genres such as: manga, webtoon, manhua, manhwa, romance, action, fantasy, comedy, horror, isekai (time travel) and many other genres,
all stories are continuously updated with Vietnamese (VietSub) and English (EngSub) versions and you can download stories to read offline without the need for a
Coming to "Comic Fan", you will get to use prominent features such as: A diverse comic and novel warehouse with more than 100,000 comics, novels and continuously updated,
comic - novel ranking, favorite comic tracking function, download comics to read offline without a network, comic - novel reading history, comic suggestion function, dark
mode, etc.
Explore the diverse and rich world of comics - novels with the "Comic Fan" application. With a beautiful and friendly interface, we bring the perfect comic reading
experience. With more than 100,000 comics - novels translated with 2 Vietnamese (VietSub) and English (EngSub) versions updated continuously, you always have the opportunity
to immerse yourself in the latest comics - novels worldwide.
1. Outstanding Advantages:
- Huge Comic - Novel Warehouse: Explore the large collection of more than 100,000 comics - novels translated into Vietnamese (VietSub) and English (EngSub) at "Comic
- Many Attractive Comic - Novel Genres: Easily search and follow many genres such as webtoon, manga, manhua, manhwa, romance, action, fantasy, comedy, horror, isekai (time
travel) and many other attractive genres available on "Comic Fan".
- Diverse Comic List: Discover new manga, webtoon trends within 24 hours and your favorites through clear classification.
- Sharp Images: Read comics - novels, manga, webtoon, manhua, manhwa, romance, action, fantasy, comedy, horror, isekai (time travel), etc.. with the most beautiful and sharp
- Read Comics - Novels Anytime, Anywhere Without a Network: Satisfy your passion for reading comics with the "Comic Fan" application on your mobile phone without a
- Enjoy Reading: Enjoy reading without worrying about fees because we provide a free reading application and do not charge any kind of fee.
2. Main function:
- Download Comics: Download your favorite comics to be able to read offline anytime, anywhere without a network.
- Comic Suggestions: Get suggestions for the hottest comics according to your preferences.
- Save Comic Reading History: Continue reading from where you left off conveniently without fear of forgetting.
- Follow Favorite Comics: Save your favorite comics and receive notifications about new chapters to ensure you don't miss any chapters.
- Adjust Font Size For Novels: Freely edit the font size of the novel.
- Login and data synchronization: Log in and synchronize your reading data across all devices.
Download the "Comic Fan" application today to experience a unique and completely new comic - novel reading space. Millions of comic - novel fans have joined and you will be
the next to accompany "Comic Fan"!
If you have any questions during the experience of "Comic Fan", do not hesitate to contact us via:
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comicfan.official
- Email: [email protected]


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