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Star Charge is mobile phone application system developed by Wanbang Star Charge Technology Ltd. , is designed for EV drivers who have purchased Starcharge Private Charger to
manage their own charger at home intelligently. The APP enables charger owner to remote control chargers and schedule the charging time, and owners can also monitor
real-time charging parameters includes current and voltage. In order to meet APP user's demand of charger using report, Star Charge saves all charging transactions records,
then concludes into monthly or quarterly reports and reports will be sent to user's personal email box.
The APP adopts a new UI interface, a new system architecture, in line with the principle of customer satisfaction, following the usage habits of most customers, business
process design, hoping to bring better using experience for the customer group of StarCharge.


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  • APK名: com.wanbangauto.schome
  • 最新バージョン: 4.9.5
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