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Partnership dominoes is the most popular dominoes game in Spain and Latin America. There are four players in fixed partnerships where partners sit facing each other. The
team that achieves a number of points, typically 100, before the other wins the game.
In each deal, all the tiles are dealt to the four players - 7 tiles each. In the first deal, the player with the [6-6] begins and must lead this tile. In subsequent deals,
the turn passes to the next player to the right, and she may start with any tile of her choice.
Each player in turn adds a tile to the layout. Played dominoes form a single line, touching end to end, with the touching ends having the same number. Players must play a
tile at their turn if they legally can; otherwise, they must pass.
The deal is won by the team of the first player who plays all her tiles. A blocked game is won by the team whose unplayed tiles have the lower pip total. In case of a tie
for pip count, the game is a tie. The winners score the pip total of all unplayed tiles.
”Partnership Dominoes" is a conversion of the dominoes game described above. At this moment, the individual game is only available, although you can choose your partner
and rivals among the available bots. To do this, push the avatar you want to change in the configuration screen.
A bot can play dominoes in a basic way (1-star), average (2-stars) or good (3-stars). Depending on the bots you choose, the game difficulty can range between 2 and 8
stars. Take into account that the bots will take more time to play if they have more than a tile to play, otherwise they will react faster.
During the game drag the tile you want to play to the desired end of the layout and drop it.
”Partnership Dominoes" is very versatile and configurable, allowing the following options:
* Choose your partner and your rivals from a pool of 7 bots
* Three artificial intelligence levels
* Number of points to win
* Scoring system: international dominoes or latin dominoes
* Start: turn-based or round winner
* Game speed
* Sound in-game
* Check the rules in the tutorial
* Ramp up positions in the "Dominoemeter"
* Ramp up positions in the Winning Streak and Best Round leaderboards
* Get the 18 available achievements
* Check your statistics
You can check the rules of Partnership Dominoes here:
Contact us at [email protected] and give as your feedback and request help in case of problems.
Many thanks for your support!
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