1.5.3 [free]


For all iPhones and Android smartphones, the VRM provides a free app for purchasing the Germany ticket as a subscription.
Choose whether you want to purchase a Germany ticket or a special Germany ticket as a job ticket or for students. If you are a student in the region or an employee of a
company with a job ticket contract, you can buy your discounted Germany ticket under "Choose your ticket".
After you have registered and entered your personal data, you determine the start of the contract under "Ticket purchase". Enter your desired means of payment under "Payment
You can find your Deutschlandticket under “My D-Ticket” from the start of the contract and have it quickly to hand for a ticket inspection.
In the settings you can manage your own data, change your payment method or cancel your subscription at any time.
You can find answers to frequently asked questions under the “Help/Tips” menu item. If your question is not there, you can finally contact us.
Our colleagues from customer service will be happy to take care of your concerns. You are also welcome to send us praise or criticism. If you have any suggestions for
improving the app itself, you can also send us these via a separate feedback address given there.”


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  • ソフトウェアの名称:
  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: 旅行&地域
  • APK名: io.tapconnect.dticket.vrm
  • 最新バージョン: 1.5.3
  • サポートROM: 7.0 以上
  • ファイルサイズ : 5.16 MB
  • 更新した: 2024-06-10