Almaks Tag is an application that turns your smartphone into a unit for monitoring. It is easy to use and its installation you get the ability to view current locations and
trace the history of movement through the monitoring system (GPS Almaks). Over Almaks Tag app, you have access to the exact location of an employee, the speed of his
movements, as well as a route which is moving ... So, not only do you have information where your employees are, but that is by going to a specific location.
For the implementation of the monitoring unit, the required tasks in Almaks system smartphone with built-in GPS receiver, and internet access.
The application supports the selection of modes from an existing set or create a new one to suit specific needs. A large number of options allows you to receive accurate
information, while consumer traffic and reduce battery consumption.
The system allows you to send photos, locations, and SOS messages. In addition, users can create additional statuses that can be forwarded immediately.
• Selection of preset modes-a (Active / Standard / Lite) or create a new (Custom)
• Energy management Battery
• Easy and quick access to send your location, photos and SOS messages
• Data storage through the use of smart fashion for more efficient use of battery
• Flexible settings for sending data
• Using Fused Google interface to determine location


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  • ソフトウェアカテゴリ: 旅行&地域
  • APK名: rs.almaks.tag
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  • サポートROM: 5.0 以上
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  • 更新した: 2024-06-10